Sheared Review – A new mobile game!Sheared Review – A new mobile game!

Sheared Review – A new mobile game!

I have spent the last days playing Sheared, a new mobile game from Possiblewhale. The game has been in development for 4 months and is now out for purchase at the Google Play Store and will be available on iOS shortly.slider-02-play

Sheared is a game about shaving sheep where you launch your razor blade on incoming sheep to collect wool. There are regular sheep as well as rams. Rams require you to have a diamond razor blade that can be acquired by collecting diamonds that randomly pop up during the game. Keep in mind that if your razor collides with any sheep or rams you lose power (health) which can be refilled by collecting batteries that randomly pop up just like diamonds.
When you have collected some wool, you can then head over to the crafting section of the game and you can start to knit your own sweater, gloves, etc. By knitting your own cloths you get ‘Eweros’ (gold coins) that you can spend on upgrades to yoslider-04-craftur razor or to buy some more wool to craft even more!
The game works off days where if you complete day one you will get to day two. These are similar to game levels, but if you fail a day, you have to start on day one again. Fear not, this feature does make the game more interesting as you can compete with your friends on who completes the most days as well as adding a lot to replay-ability. Another great feature is the achievement/task system which features hundreds of tasks to complete and some sweet rewards for doing so.

All in all this is a great and fun game for both young children and adults with good longevity and fun gameplay. I know I will be playing this game for a long time. The developers say they will keep updating the game in the future, so be on the lookout for some new, neat updates.

Fun fact None of the developers had an iOS phone, so they had to borrow hardware from friends to make the game compatible with iOS.