Introducing the Nintendo 2DS

Introducing the Nintendo 2DS, the newest member of the Nintendo family and their latest handheld device. 

The 2DS is an… interesting looking, flat handheld system that is due to be released on October 12th for a mere $129. It boasts full compatibility with the entire back catalogue of DS games as well as being able to play 3DS is games in 2D. It maintains all the functionality of the 3DS (baring the actual 3D aspect) and is designed as an entry level handheld device to go alongside the 3DS and 3DS XL. The new handheld will launch in Red and Blue and will include a 4GB SD memory card on purchase.

It may not be aesthetically pleasing, but Nintendo have always been known as great innovators, and they really do seem to be doing that here, and this handheld release is sure to really emphasis their control over the handheld console market - much to the displeasure of Sony.

The news of this release comes alongside the announced price drop of the Wii U console, in an attempt to boost straggling sales, with the Deluxe Wii U being dropped to $299 alongside the launch of Wind Waker HD.