The Ins and Outs of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

by on November 5, 2015


With the highly anticipated Xbox One backwards compatibility feature release date just around the corner Microsoft has been releasing more and more bits of information about what features backwards compatibility will have.

With Sony having a clear lead on Microsoft in the console sales race it’s clear that Microsoft is hoping that this console exclusive feature will give the Xbox One the much needed boost to catch the PS4 this holiday. The backwards compatibility feature, set to release mid-November, will allow Xbox One gamers to play their favourite Xbox 360 titles on the current gen console. Although not every 360 title will be available on the launch day of the feature, some of the most beloved 360 titles will be immediately available.

Black Ops 2, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and Fallout 3 are just some of the great titles gamers can feast on ceaselessly at launch.

Along with these great games Xbox 360 save files will be readily available on the Xbox One along with previously purchased DLC. Additionally, gamers will be overjoyed to know that the Xbox One’s popular media features such as the screenshots and DVR recording will be able to be used on any of the backwards compatible games. Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg seemed enthusiastic about the new backwards compatibility feature and what it will do for the Xbox.

“I think it’ll be tremendous. It’s another differentiator for us”  said Greenberg. “We’re going to be the only next-gen console delivering backwards compatibility.”

Evidently, Microsoft is hoping that the backwards compatibility feature will help spur undecided 360 gamers to make the next-gen leap to Xbox One. Regardless of whether it does or doesn’t, it is clear there is a strong sense of optimism that the feature will only take the console to new heights.


Source: Gamespot/YouTube/Games Radar/PCMAG