Infestation Anniversary Update - What’s going to be added?

Infestation: Survivor Stories (Formerly known as The War Z) has had a rough time of it since it’s release just over a year ago, and rightly so, but the anniversary update which is planned for the game is set to add a lot of features which players have been requesting for and promised way back last year. Rumours of this update were first reported by Businesswire, where they also stated that 1.5 million players have played Infestation since it’s launch. This update has been confirmed by the developers on the game’s forums and at the recent Vegas trip where they showcased these features in action.

The update is set to include much anticipated features such as vehicles and crafting, along with adding Stronghold servers which were advertised with Legendary and Pioneer packages. Below is a full list of features which are being added to Infestation: Survivor Stories.

Anniversary Update

  • Strongholds – Customize your base, supply power, grow crops, survive and defend your base against your friends or other players in the world!
  • Vehicles – The players have been asking and the devs are delivering - user operated vehicles for players to find, repair, and drive all over the map! Players can smash hordes of zombies with their cars and try to resist the urge to run over their friends
  • Colorado V2 – a completely revamped and updated map nearly 1.7 times bigger than the original map
  • Reworked game balance as well as the introduction of new zombie types
  • Crafting – players can now combine, salvage and craft multiple unique items as they discover new crafting materials scattered throughout the world
  • Gear degradation has been added to the game to give players a more realistic experience. Once gear breaks from too much usage, any garage with a repair bench can fix it!
  • Run in terror from the Super Zombie or gather a group to hunt it down for epic rewards! Beware of new screaming zombies that summon other zombies for help as well as sprinting zombies!
  • Missions have been added! Grab friends or go adventure solo on a slew of missions and tasks around the map to earn additional rewards!
  • New survival activities such as swimming, hunting and cooking meat

No release date for this update has been confirmed, but it is believed that players will be able to experience these new features within the next few weeks.

If you play Infestation: Survivor Stories, what do you think of this update? Is it looking like the game we once thought it would be?