Infamous: Second Son Receiving No Demo

by on March 10, 2014

Playstation 4 users will not have the ability to test out Infamous: Second Son with a demo before they purchase the game.

Set to release later this month, Infamous: Second Son will not receive a demo for PS4 users to try before release, but not for the reasons some might come to speculate. Infamous: Second Son is the third title in the franchise, taking place after the events of Infamous 2 which released on the PlayStation 3.

Brand Development Director Ken Schramm said the reasoning isn’t anything to do with money, but more to do with the element of surprise of the experience gamers will receive with the full game.

“I don’t think we’re going to have a demo,” Schramm told us earlier today. “It’s hard to have a demo with an open world game to be honest with you. You what, pick two missions out of the whole thing then you give them a little slice of the world, you gotta make all these walls? I don’t think [having a demo] does justice to an open-world game.”

Infamous: Second Son hits store shelves on Friday March 21 for the PS4, along with a PS4 bundle including the game for $477.97.

Sources: Videogamer.com