inFAMOUS Second Son Developer Diary

Today, Sony and Sucker Punch released a new developer diary video titled “Smoke and Mirrors” for the upcoming InFAMOUS Second Son. The video shows off a lot of the new features, including how the power of the PS4 has enabled the team over at Sucker Punch to create a fantastic looking game. One member of the team states that “The PS4 has allowed us to do stuff which we couldn’t before”, and this includes allowing the main protagonist to have the powers of fire and smoke.

The fire and smoke ability can be used in a whole host of ways which is key to the gameplay. One way in which the power can be used is that Delsin, the protagonist, can pass through enemies bodies. When I first saw this on the video it really caught my eye as the way in which it can be executed is seamless. The way the moves flow from one to another is remarkable, and can only heighten your excitement for the game.

We can expect to see InFAMOUS: Second Son some time in 2014 as there has been no official release date given yet.