Survive Q&A - Survive by any means Necessary…

Survive is a first person zombie survival shooter currently under development by Subsurface Games. It’s great to see so many developers taking on the zombie survival genre. And like other games in development, Survive aims to be unique, taking the best bits from current games and adding in their own features to make the game stand out from the crowd.

Most games put you into the apocalypse weeks, months, and even years after the apocalypse has occurred. Not Survive. Survive allows players to experience life before the outbreak, on the day of the outbreak, or after it has occurred. The choice  is solely with the player where they start their attempt to survive the apocalypse. It’s a feature I haven’t really thought about, but it seems so obvious now,

How awesome that would be? Actually seeing the start of the outbreak happen right in front of my eyes!

Survive will tasks players with exploring the procedurally generated world, where you can enter every single building in order to find those precious supplies to help you stay alive - food, water and of course, Guns! There is no set objective for players to complete, but instead it is up to players to create their own stories within the game, with the sole aim being to survive for as long as possible.

And with Survive featuring a massive world for survivors to explore, you will be glad to hear that there will be a wide variety of air, land and sea vehicles in the world for us to drive. Add to that crafting, NPC survivors and barricading to name a few features, and that’s enough to get us excited about Survive!

Subsurface Games also kindly agreed to take part in a Q&A with us to answer questions we have about their latest game and to provide a greater insight into what the game offers.


Q: What made you want to create a game such as Survive, considering there are many zombie survival games in development?

A: I started thinking about the idea for Survive way before DayZ. I started work on the engine that runs Survive about 4 months before Dayz, while I was still in high school. I just wanted to create a game where you could truly try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Then a few months after I started DayZ comes along and just blows up. It really just confirmed that people were clamoring for this type of game, and no one was delivering it. I’m making this game because games like DayZ and WarZ(Infestation: Survivor Stories) simply have not delivered on the promise of being able to survive the zombie apocalypse in an open world. All of the games in this category have only scratched the surface, and with Survive I intend to deliver the ultimate zombie survival simulator that everyone is still waiting for.

Q: Have you taken inspirations from any zombie games?

A: I take a little inspiration from all types of games. The games that really inspire me are ones that have a lot of dynamic systems interacting to create emergent gameplay. Games like Dishonored and GTA4 were crazy random stuff can happen at any time. That’s something I want to do in Survive. The only zombie game that really inspired me is left 4 dead. The fluidity of the combat and zombie killing is just great. That’s another thing I’m trying to capture with Survive. If the core experience of zombie killing isn’t fun and smooth then the game is just not going to be fun.

Q: What kind of features can we expect to see in Survive?

A: There are going to be a ton of features in Survive. The most important is that the game world is completely procedurally generated. The game will generate a completely random planet sized world where you can enter into every single house and building. In this world you will be able to craft weapons, create traps, dynamically barricade houses, drive a large number of different land/air/sea vehicles, and meet survivor NPCs.

Q: I love being able to pick the time that you want to play the apocalypse. Can you explain a bit more about why you chose this and how it would work?

A: Being able to pick the time you start relative to the apocalypse will add a lot of unique gameplay to Survive. The main reason I added this to the game is so that we can play during the golden time right when the apocalypse hits. There is no other game out there that lets you experience the start of the zombie outbreak. You will be able to experience the chaos that happens when the first person gets infected and it begins to spread. When you start the game you can pick the time you want to start or let the game pick a random time for you. When you get in the game all of the things generated in the world will be different based on your time. So, for example, there will be fewer supplies in the world the longer it’s been since the start of the zombie apocalypse. If you start before the apocalypse then all the NPCs in the game will go about their daily lives. When the apocalypse hits a few of them will be infected and the zombies will spread naturally.

Q: Will Survive feature character customization?

A: You will be able to do a great deal of survivor customization in Survive. In addition to being able to customize your player avatar you have 3 different ways to customize your character’s abilities in-game. You can change your clothes and equipment to affect your characters ability to carry things and holster weapons. Your equipment will also affect various other things like a bullet proof vest stopping bullets and chainmail helping to prevent fatal zombie bites. Your character has stats and skills that you can customize when starting the game to simulate you starting the game in the body of different people. Every character has a set of universal stats that affect your health, strength, speed, etc. On the other hand, your character only knows a few skills to start. You can learn more by reading books or learning them from other survivors. You can then improve your stats and the skills you know by just using them more.

Q: What weapons will feature in Survive, and how many?

A: Any guns you would expect to find in the real world will be in the game. Basically any weapons used by civilians, police or military will be findable in their appropriate place. You will also be able to use most items you find as a melee weapons. So there will be kitchen knives, axes, bats, swords, crow bars, and pipes just to name a few. The game will also have some rare military explosives like grenades and rocket launchers. There will also be crossbows and the standard bows because they are awesome for killing zombies!

Q: Will Survive have multiplayer? Or will game-play be focused towards single-player?

A: Survive will have both single-player and multiplayer. The multiplayer is pretty much exactly the same as the single-player, but with the addition of other real players. The game will support server based and LAN multiplayer. You can also play with a small group of friends in standard or online co-op. The standard co-op is just you and a few friends playing together in your own private world. The online co-op is you and a few friends joining a multiplayer server together to try and survive in a world with other real world survivors.

Q: What type of NPC’s will the player be able to come across, and will any of them be able to join you?

A: In Survive the NPCs will be controlled by their stats, skills, and their desire to survive. Based on these things the NPCs will have very unpredictable behavior, like if you were to really meet a survivor in the apocalypse. Some of them will be able to join you and help you survive if they trust you. When the stats and the desire to survive come together the NPC’s can do some crazy stuff. One guy could pretend to be your friend and then just steal your stuff in the middle of the night and burn your house to the ground. You could come across a weaker minded NPC who is trapped by a bunch of zombies. This NPC could only have one bullet left and decide to end his life before the zombies rip him to shreds. One NPC might break into your house while your away, steal your stuff, and spray paint a death threat on your wall. The NPC’s are the true wild card of the game and will create tons of crazy situations driven by simulation.

Q: What would you say makes Survive unique?

A: The most distinguishing characteristic is that the world is completely procedurally generated and you can enter into any building in a planet sized world. There are one or two other games doing something similar, but that is only one of the things that makes Survive unique. Being able to start the game before or during the actual start of the apocalypse is going to be amazing and no other game is doing that. Survive is also the only game to have a hybrid inventory system where you can either manage objects in-game using the dynamic movement of objects in the world or use the regular inventory for smaller things. The NPCs in Survive will be very dynamic and rely on a multitude of systems to control their behavior. Because of this, the dynamic crazy stuff that can happen because of NPCs will be 100% unique to Survive. Survive will be the only game to have all of these completely unique features. Some games will have some of the other features that are in Survive, but Survive will be the only one bringing them all together in one polished package of zombie survival great graphics.

Q: When can people expect to be able to play Survive? Will you be allowing players to buy into the Alpha?

A: Right now people can preorder the game on our website and get immediate access to the pre-alpha. The pre-alpha builds are very early and have bugs. The primary focus of this early release is to help test with compatibility of the engine with different hardware. The alpha will be available in a month after more gameplay is added. Everyone who preorders the game will get all the builds of the game all the way up to its release. If you preorder from our website you will also receive a free Steam key once the game is Greenlit.



You can Pre-order Survive now, which will grant buyers access to Pre-alpha builds all the way to a final copy of the game on the release! The price will rise at the game enters different stages of development, so the sooner you buy, the cheaper it will be.

You can also Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight!

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