Neo’s Land - The Crowd-Game Designed MMO

Neo’s Land is an upcoming fantasy MMO developed be Neojac. With games like World of Warcraft, and now the free-to-play Rift having a huge percentage of the MMO crowd, Neo’s Land aims to break into arguably one of the most difficult genre’s, by adopting Crowd Game Design. This is where the community provides content and has a direct say over the development and state of the game, literally owning the process of world design and building, thus having a direct impact. So if you ever sat back and thought of features you wished where in an MMO, then Neo’s Land will offer you that chance.

Unlike WoW for example, where you are thrown into a world which has it’s own history, cities and conflicts, in Neo’s Land the initial players are pioneers, meaning they found the very first settlement and can decide what route to take from there. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the world is bare apart from the players and animals when you join, as there are other realms and races out there to explore. In short, the world is what the community wills it to be.

If you ever wanted to own your house, dungeons and even shops within an MMO, look no further! Neo’s Land openly encourages world building, and thus allows players to build their own houses and shops for players to visit and buy from. You can even build industrial facilities for purposes such as Alchemy and Blacksmithing. If that is not enough, why not have your own dungeon which you can open up to other players as they try to complete it? Better yet, you may be able to get some of their loot if they die!

There is also a big focus on a player-driven economy, where there are no auction-houses and you can travel to other players shops to conduct trades. You need to transport your items and resources to sell them, If you are poor, a donkey will have to do or you can spend some money and get your stuff transported by the local player driven coach system. There are also no levels and a classless skill system, allowing players to be who they truly want to be.


We took some time out to do a Q&A with Neojac, who answered some questions we had about Neo’s Land and some of the features within it.

Q):  What made you want to create Neo’s Land?

A: We have been developing our own server engine for some time now and it was about time to put it in action so what better way than to get the community involve with it and so we started working on Neo’s Land.
Q): What do you feel the benefits are with allowing the Players to have a huge say in the direction and features of the game?

A: There are many benefits, although we do make the final decision we take all their ideas and figure out how to implement them. The biggest benefit I would say is the type of ideas we are getting from them, because we know the limitations of the software we tend to not think outside the box where with the community they have free reign to think outside the box so amazing ideas comes up.

Q): How many playable races will there be and what sort of customization options can we expect for our characters?

A: There is currently only one race, humans, but depending on how well we do on the Kickstarter more will be added. You will be able to totally customize your character as our characters creation system is a morphing system so you have over 30 settings like nose, chin, body shape and so forth to change.

Q): Is the camera angle similar to Runescape with the more top down perspective or is it like WoW and Rift for example?

A: Its more like WoW and Rift, with full 3d view.

Q): What is there to do in Neo’s Land?

A: You can do anything, build up your skills . Create and build your own dungeon. Build a house. Do Quests. Adventure into the world and explore it.

Q): I understand that it is up to players to build the world around, research technologoy, explore etc? How exactly will this work?

A: There are different methods to do this. using books as an example you will be able to learn new skills from them and increase your skill points max so that when you use that skill it can increase even more. You can also join groups of people and adventure into hidden dungeons or explore the world.

Q): Will players be able to run their own shops, with the focus being on players to be shop merchants rather than NPC’s?

A: Players can run their own shops or hire NPC’s to sell their goods in their shop.

Q): With regards to player housing, can we choose how our houses look and build them from the ground up? Or will they be pre-determined?

A: You can choose how it will look by setting each wall and shape of the house so it is totally customizable.

Q): Will everyone play in the same game world or will there be multiple servers, of which each one will be different?

A: One server and game world

Q): Will Neo’s Land be a one-off payment? Or will it require a subscription to play?

A: It is a subscription payment but players can buy extra subscription codes and trade them for in game currency so other players that play allot would not need to pay real cash for their subscriptions. Its the best of both worlds.

Q): What makes Neo’s Land truly unique from the other MMO’s currently on the market?

A: Its the way we are developing it with our Crowd Game Design. No one has ever developed a game with the community at this scale we are doing it.

Q): When can players expect to be able to play the full release of Neo’s Land?

A: Alpha and beta release is scheduled for December and full release early spring 2014


Neo’s Land is currently on Kickstarter, where you can back it and receive access to the Alpha and Beta launching later this year.


If you would rather back Neo’s Land via paypal, you can via their official website where you will receive the same perks. There is also more information about Neo’s Land on both the Kickstarter page and their website