A-Men 2 Launching November 5th in North America, November 6th for Europe

A-Men 2 is set to release tomorrow, November 5th in North America and will be available in Europe on Wednesday November 6th. A-Men 2 is the sequel to the Vita launch title. It will be available via PlayStation Network.

You control the A-Men, a Special Forces unit during 44 stages across four new worlds. It is worth mentioning that this game is for gamers who love a challenge, a real hardcore challenge. The basic idea of the game is that if you think quickly and make good decisions you won’t die… But no-one is good enough to always get it right, so be prepared to replay levels and spend a long time figuring out how you can perfect a certain stage or world.

Bloober Team, the creators behind A-Men 2 stated that the game will feature five classes. Aardvark the spy who can disable droids by sneaking behind them, Aurelius the Muscleman who can intimidate and scare off enemies, Anaconda the commando who has the ability to fly, which enables you to reach areas you couldn’t before, Antler the engineer who can disable mines and lastly, (but certainly not least) Atom, the private who can pick up mines and set them down in different places. With these five characters you will traverse 4 worlds and 44 levels.

The developers are open about the fact that A-Men 2 is geared towards hardcore gamers.

“We don’t believe in hand-holding, this game is for the hardcore gamer. You will find it to be very difficult, frustrating even, but this game was not designed to be easy”.

You will be able to purchase A-Men 2 from the PlayStation Network on the day it is due to release in your region.