BeamNG Drive: Softbody Physics Game Releases Alpha

Recently I heard of a newly released game in Alpha which spoke about having incredible and realistic Softbody physics. Having heard such a big claim i decided to explore this further and see if what they were saying was true.

BeamNG Drive developed by BeamNG allows you to crash cars with exceptional detail while exploring quite beautiful scenery and environments. The vehicle all have softbody physics which for those of you who don’t know give the car a sense of realism, it does this by giving each car part its separate behavior. Most car games have a prefab look for a smashed car and the damaged look of your car is pretty repetitive and boring, but with softbody physics every crash causes your car to entwine and tangle in new and different ways.


 BeamNG crash


This type of Physics adds so much to a game that i do believe this will be the future for decent car games. Now I say car but there is no reason why other vehicles can’t also have softbody physics. In the free tech demo of this game you will be able to use one car, however the paid alpha version gives you a lot more 4 wheeled vehicles to choose from including sport cars and vans.

It excites me that this is the way the industry is taking gaming, all areas are taking serious steps in making games as real as possible. I wonder how far off are the days are where we have a game with an open world like GTA, with the physics of BeamNG and Spintires and the ability to play with the Omni treadmill and the Oculus Rift all together to create this virtual world with an incredible sense of realism.


Until that day however we have to make-do with what we have been given so if I were you I would get over to and download the free Tech Demo. If what you see is just so good that you need more, then check out their paid alpha version which includes more vehicles and environments.

I’m excited to see this game goes and how its developed. I have been playing for hours and i can guarantee i will be playing for many more!