Humble Weekly Sale Arcen Games

Humble Bundle have just released their most recent sale, Humble Weekly Sale Arcen Games, which includes a maximum of 6 games and 12 soundtracks from Arcen Games. If you are unaware, Humble Bundle is a website devoted to releasing bundles of games made where the price is left for the customer to decide. They have set payment boundaries to unlock extra content from the bundle and a $1 requirement for Steam downloads. Their weekly sales act no different to the bundles, but often focus on smaller developers, and as the name suggests, rotate weekly.

Please Note: This weekly sale will only last until September 12th.

This weeks games include:

Name your Price:

Above Average (Currently ~$6):

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Humble Bundle

  • How was it? Personally the last weekly bundle from Paradox left a bad taste in my mouth that I am hesitant to get this one.

  • Andrew Vallis

    The weekly sales and bundles are definitely worth it for value for your dollar. But really, look into the videos of each game, and see if you genuinely would enjoy playing it. No matter how good the value is, if you don’t like those style of games, you won’t enjoy the bundle. So far none of the bundles or sales have made me regret getting them. If there was a sale or bundle that didn’t have games I liked the look of, or were styles i don’t enjoy, i ignored them.

    Eitherway, the quality of the games and the value of the bundles/sales is unbeatable through legitimate means. So if you like the look of them, take the dive and spend the $1 aha 🙂