Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Available Now

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 Available Now

The very popular Humble Bundle has had a new edition come out this week with the “Humble Jumbo Bundle 2“. Upon looking at all the games, I can say with confidence this is definitely one of the better bundles to ever come out. There’s a great variety of game on there, all of course redeemable on Steam. The Bundle is structured like those before it. Three games can be purchased for any price (must pay at least $1 for Steam keys though), then paying more than the average gets you three more games, then finally paying a bigger price gains you one more game, plus all the others.

Like I mentioned above, the games available this time around are varied and all are of great quality. Not to mention all games together equal to about $210 and you only got to pay $15 for them.

The games included in this bundle include the multiplayer action RPG, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing with all of its DLC, the survival platformer Deadlight, and futuristic RTS Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition. Paying above the average unlocks the 2D bulding platformer Terraria, popular fighting game The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition, medieval RTS Crusader Kings II with two DLC packs, and paying $15 gets you all the games listed before and the Age of Empires Legacy Bundle, which includes Age of Empires II HD Edition, its DLC pack, and Age of Empires III.

With a collection of games like that, you’d be hard pressed not to find a game you’d enjoy.


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