How Many Controllers will the PS4 Support? 4.

How many controllers will the PS4 support?

Contrary to what was expected, the Playstation 4 will only support 4 controllers at once. This is a stark contrast to the Xbox One that is confirmed to support eight controllers at once and it was genuinely expected that this would also be the case for the PS4 - especially as the PS3 console had support for up to seven controllers at once. This was confirmed by SCE chief, Shuhei Yoshida via Twitter.

This is certainly a surprising downgrade for the PS4, although not many games could utilise more than 4 players at once in the last generation of consoles, it seems illogical for them to cap off controller compatibility rather than simply adding another controller to round it off at 8 players. Whether this will create any limitations in terms of couch multiplayer gameplay for the PS4 will only be seen if the 8 controllers that the Xbox supports are utilised by some game developers in the next generation.