Homefront: The Revolution developer acknowledges poor framerate, promises to fix

Since Homefront: The Revolution released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the game has suffered from poor performance and framerate, making the game almost unplayable for a lot of gamers. Developer Dambuster Studios has finally spoken for the first time about the games poor performance and has promised that they will address the issues in future patches.

Speaking on the game’s forumsthe studio said that they are aware of the issues and admitted that the games framerate is not where they want it to be and are therefore committed to making the game playable at an acceptable framerate.

Dambuster Studios Community Manager Craig Turned stated, “We’re aware that performance – particularly frame rate – is not currently where we want it to be, and we are working on additional patches to help address these issues and more.”

“Patch notes per platform will be available on the community forums and on Steam when they go live.”

Unfortunately, there is no ETA for when the patches will hit console and PC, meaning it could be several days to a few weeks before the framerate and performance is fully addressed.