Homefront 2 making “Great Progress”

Crytek UK, the studio currently developing Homefront 2 have stated they are making “great progress” on the sequel to Homefront and that they wish to reinvent the franchise. , Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown stated while speaking to Develop, “the team in Nottingham – Crytek UK – is making great progress on our reinvention of Homefront,” and that the developer has “a number of projects we haven’t talked about yet.”

Crytek UK started Development on a sequel to Homefront back in 2011, shortly after Kaos Studio closure. However áfter THQ’s collaspe, they obtained the rights to the IP and are thought to have delayed release of Homefront 2 to ensure that it lives up to the potential of the IP.

No potential release date has yet been hinted at.