Home Free Is Finally Coming To The PS4

by on October 13, 2015

Home Free is finally coming to the PS4 as announced by the lead creator of the game Kevin Cancienne on the PlayStation blog today. The indie game where you play as a dog in a randomly generated city is still in need of help on Kickstarter but the creator is confident that he will be bringing his ideas to life on the PS4.

The creator notes that “It currently seems like we’re living in the golden age of video game dogs: the dog in COD: Ghosts, DD in MGS5, and Dogmeat in Fallout 4. And there have been a few games, over the years, where you get to play as a dog” so if your a fan of all this puppy love Home Free seems like it can find a place in this day and time. The extra challenge of being a dog in an open world should give gamers a new survival challenge in an open world. Rather than being a human who is top dog and has a near unlimited supply of ammunition and health you can now become a dog and have the all the challenges that accompany being a second class life-form in an open world.

The game should be finished within a year the developer wrote on the PlayStation blog and if you contribute to the Kickstarter then you can reserve a free digital copy if you contribute the right amount.