Hearthstone Co-op Goes Live

The newest tavern brawl in Hearthstone will allow two players to fight against the Hearthstone AI on the same team. Without compromising the Hearthstone user interface in any way the two randomly matched player will fight against Mechazod (a 2/95 taunt minion that uses gnomish inventions).

The two cooperating players will use pre-made decks to try and defeat Mechazod and even if you win or loose you will receive your free classic pack for playing in the brawl.

The two classes that you will be assigned are either Paladin or Priest and Mechazod has it’s own special attacks ranging from zapping opponents to assassinating your minions.

So far the brawl has been challenging yet a fun change of pace from the standard Hearthstone game (like most tavern brawls do).