GTA Online glitch allows players to explore North Yankton in full

A glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online allows players to head back and explore North Yankton in full without having cops pursuing them. A video taken after the most recent patch 1.07 on CVG shows players in detail how to get to this “out of reach” location.

First things first, the player needs a friend to start an “invite only session” and then you will need to play through the singleplayer prologue. Play through the prologue until you get to the stage where you open the garage doors, only to find police waiting for you. From here, take a left and pass the Bobcat van. At this point you need to pause the game and have your friend invite you into their GTA Online closed session.

Once spawned into the online session, you will then need a helicopter and fly to the bottom right of the map. You should be able to see mountains which are floating in the air. Head towards them and North Yankton should appear below.

The fact that North Yankton is in GTA Online gives hope that may one day be used for missions, deathmatches and races. But in the meantime you can enjoy this glitch and explore what North Yankton has to offer!


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