GTA 5 PC Version Coming Early 2014?

Grand Theft Auto V released several weeks ago on the Xbox 360 and PS3, however there was no such luck for PC gamers, with Rockstar remaining quiet regarding a PC version of their bohemoth title which scored 10/10′s across the board and broke numerous gaming records in the process.

In the latest rumours regarding a PC version, Eurogamer have reported that an anonymous source, citing Multiple industry sources, has led them to believe that the open-world game will be launching on PC in the first quarter of 2014.

To further back this up, Intel suspects that Grand Theft Auto 5 will “not be a console exclusive very long.” And GPU makers Nvidia have stated that while they have no additional knowledge regarding a GTA 5 PC version, they expected it to release this fall.

Rockstar however have made no further comment regarding these rumours from multiple sources, but as of this moment, that’s all they are, rumours. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see GTA 5 come to PC within the next few months however, considering it’s huge demand at release on consoles, along with a petition to get it released on PC which so far has attracted over 596k signatures.

GTA IV, released in April 29 2008, launched initially on just Xbox 360 and PS3, before launching on PC in December 2008