God of War Redemption?

One of Sony’s most popular franchises, “God Of War”, may be getting a new game for the PS4 and Vita.

A leaked photo of the new God Of War game, God Of War Redemption, shows some artwork of the title and at the bottom of the picture,  it clearly says “PS4″ & “PSVita”, suggesting it could be released on these platforms.
Photo shown below
However this hasn’t been confirmed to be real, but PSU writer Paul Kelly says that it’s fake.
Quote from Paul Kelly.
“It looks fake because the ‘A’ in War is from the old logo,” he said. “For Ascension, they changed it to look like an upside down V shape, apparently it’s a Greek letter.”
Maybe Paul Kelly is lying to us and is just trying to make it seem surprising if the game is actually announced. We don’t know if the game is real or not yet, but if we get more details about this we’ll cover it some more.
Published by Bryant Prescott