GDC 2014: Microsoft unveil DirectX 12

At this years Games Developers Conference, Microsoft have officially unveiled DirectX 12, aiming for full release late into 2015.

At the Games Developers Conference, Microsoft have officially unveiled their next iteration of their DirectX software, DirectX 12. Microsoft are aiming for release of the software late into 2015 and promise a ‘console-like API’, along with DirectX 3D 12. The software will be able to run on all Windows based platforms including PCs, Phones, Tablets and of course, Consoles.

This upgraded version of the DirectX software should result in developers being able to fully use the GPU and CPU components of the Xbox One console, as well as the other platforms, Microsoft’s Anuj Gosalia promises that Xbox One games will see “increased performance.”

In a 3DMark demo, Microsoft showed off a significantly increased performance, simply by moving to a DirectX 3D 12 code with no optimisation. The new API system certainly seems like a promising move forward for Microsoft, and its hardware system. A member of Turn 10 studios talked about how porting Forza 5 to DirectX 11 was impossible due to the large CPU overheads required, but the porting of the game to DirectX 12 was far simpler, and only took 4 months to create a successful port. However, no PC version of the game was announced.

All PCs that can run DirectX 11 should be able to run DirectX 12 at launch, and of course, all Xbox Ones will certainly be able to run the new software.

Source: Shacknews