Games I’d Like To See On Next-Gen

With the transition into the next-generation nearly complete, it’s time to start thinking about what games we could be seeing in the coming years. The power of the next-gen consoles, and the ever increasing power of PC, means that we can expect the standard of games to be raised, but I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing an over-saturation of games that are similar to a Michael Bay movie. I believe it’s fair to say that a lot of us would rather play a game for it’s story and gameplay, instead of a game that only has its visuals to be proud of. Anyway, here’s my view on what I’d like to see.

1. Crash Bandicoot (Or something similar!) - Games like Crash Bandicoot are rare to find these days. They offer a unique sense of happiness and fun that can only be achieved when playing this sort of game. Most of Crash Bandicoot’s fantastic attributes are down to its lightheartedness. It’s a game that you’ll get the most out of after finishing a 5 hour sitting of Battlefield 4. A game that can let you wind down and relieve the stress that was built up in the previous game. Unfortunately, a game like Crash Bandicoot has been missing for some years now, which is why I believe a resurgence in the series would be hugely appreciated by most of us. At the time of writing, Activision are the current owners of the IP, but I’d only like to see the game made if Naughty Dog were the ones developing it. Not that I hold any grudges against Activision, it’s just that I had the most fun with Crash Bandicoot when Naughty Dog were the one’s at the helm. There has been some recent speculation that Crash Bandicoot may see a revival, as Crash can be seen in the new Playstation 4 ad. Will this happen? Only time will tell, but if it does, I sure hope they get it right.

2. An MMORPG that’s not ESO! - I know this isn’t really relatable to PC, but it definitely is for consoles. MMORPG’S are a rare sight on consoles, but I hope in the coming years that this will be changed. The fact that I find MMORPG’S so enjoyable is down to many factors. One of these factors is loot hunting! Who doesn’t love loot hunting? The satisfaction you get from finding that rare or legendary item you’ve been yearning for is a unique experience that can’t been found anywhere else.

Now, I know that Destiny and ESO are both releasing soon, but there’s two things I desperately want to see with future MMORPG’S. The first is simply more of them! The second is to see a development team venture out from the traditional settings you see with an MMORPG; a complete new take on MMORPG’S would be welcomed with open arms. As I stated above, the power of the next-gen consoles means this is most definitely doable; making this a reality is a different story.

So there you have it. A short, but detailed list of games I’d like to see. With mediocre games hitting the shelves all to often, it would be nice to see a flurry of games that impel you to stay up until the early hours of the morning and really bring about those feelings of felicity and enjoyment.