The Gamer’s Guide To Expanding Your Collection

Many gamers like to show off. Whether its achievements, trophies, skills or our massive collections, we like to be the center of attention. For me, and many others, our collection defines us as gamers.

While many like myself don’t have the collection of Michael Thomasson, we’re always looking for ways to expand our collections. While I have a very small scale collection, I pride myself on the quality of games and game systems I have.

Here, I’m going to give the gaming community some tips I picked up while collecting games so far that can help you guys and girls out. I will also link you to a YouTuber named “bizzNES17” whose entire channel is video game pickups. Be sure to subscribe, he’s got good content.

I. Dig Out Your Old Systems 

For some years, I had the original PlayStation (grey model) and the Sega Genesis in my closet just collecting dust. On one random day, I got both systems out of the closet, took them to school with me, and with some cleaning and luck, both systems did indeed work again, and still do.

If you’re like me and look at your collection and just sometimes see nothing there, mainly because nothing good is currently out, you’re tempted to hook up your old consoles, and you should feel tempted. These were the days where graphics really didn’t matter, it was the gameplay that drove a game to its success.

If you’ve got old systems like the Atari 2600, Nintendo 64, or PlayStation 2, dig them out of the closet and hook ‘em up again, and have some fun while doing it. Just make sure to clean said systems thoroughly first. Some canned air and WD-40 should mostly do the trick, along with Q-Tips for cleaning out cartridges, at least that was the case for me.

II. Make A List & Check It Twice

Now that you’ve got your systems cleaned, the next step is to make a list of games you’ve either played and want to play again, or never got a chance to play whatsoever. For example, if you’re itching to finish the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater collection, and you’ve only got THUG and THUG 2, but you only want certain ones, write those down.

I write down games I want by system and organize it that way. It makes things a lot simpler for the next step I’m going to talk about. Now in this step and the next one, there are some games out there online that go for a pretty penny these days, especially if you’re looking for a “complete in box” version of said game. I’d say mark games you definitely want complete, and mark other games you would rather have the cartridge or discs for, especially if you’re short on cash.

III. The Internet Is Your Best Friend 

Now that you’ve got a list of games you want, start hunting. Even before you start, make sure you have enough shelf space or spare shelves for your game collection, especially if you’re a hardcore collector like some I’ve seen on YouTube.

Sites like Amazon and e-Bay can be your best allies, maybe more e-Bay than Amazon in some cases, but both have their usefulnesses. As I stated earlier, some games go for more than others, especially based on demand and how good the game was. A game like Secret Of Mana will most likely go for more than some no name game on the N64 or XBox. Just take some notes on prices, and note if it’s an auction-style or “buy it now” process, and even note if a seller does free delivery.

If you don’t feel like using the Internet and playing the waiting game, and are fortunate enough, retro video game stores are another bet you can consider. Most stores have games that go as far back as the NES, and the bigger or more known a store is in your town or city, the more they may have, it just depends on what people tend to trade in.

IV. Have Fun 

The simplest step of all is to have fun doing the other three.

I hope somehow, my guide can help you expand your video game collection while keeping money in your pocket. Game on.

Source: YouTube