Frankie on PC - Gaming Channel of the Week

This week’s Gaming Channel of the Week goes to a man who is an FPS legend in Battlefield. A man both feared by bandits across Dayz and praised by newly spawned “bambies” who he has saved countless times. This man of course, is Frankie on PC

Fans of the latest FPS’s and open world survival games will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the amount of content Frankie has on his channel. Battlefield is the FPS of choice here and Frankie covers not only mind-blowing and sometimes hilarious moments of multiplayer gameplay, but also a range of educational videos on the game. A number of fantastic tutorials are given on topics such as a levolution guide, a range of Infantry tips and a guide to jets also. These videos are ideal for new players to the Battlefield franchise as the mulitplayer has a far steeper learning curve than that of other FPS’s such has Call of Duty.

Of course it is impossible to talk about Frankie without mentioning his unbelievably successful Dayz series. Beginning just before the Arma II survival mod had become one of the most popular mods of all time, Frankie’s Dayz series has covered nearly every update to the mod, including a number of expansion including Lingor, Takistan and presently, the Dayz standalone game. From watching the very first video of the series, it is evident how knowledgeable he is on every aspect of the game. The way in which Frankie takes down three camouflaged snipers camped on a hill overlooking Elektrozavodsk is one of the most impressive moments you may every see in Dayz.

However, it is not only Frankie’s knowledge and skill that makes him stand out from other Dayz gamers. he is one of the few players you will find who will not simply shoot on sight. Fans of the survival game are all too familiar with having been spawned a mere five minutes, only to be gunned down by a group of bandits when all you had is a torch. Frankie refers to these new spawns as “bambies” and has a policy of helping out these players, as well as seeking revenge on bandits who hunt bambies for sport. Its a refreshing take on survival gameplay and proves that its not always every man for himself in Dayz.

So the next time you are held up by bandits in Cherno and they are suddenly taken out by a mysterious figure in the distance, it may just be a random player looking for an easy kill, or it may very well be Frankie on PC, Gaming Channel of the Week.

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