“FORCED: Eternal Arenas” Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Dramatic Fashion

As the clock ticked down to only 5 hours to go, BetaDwarf Entertainment was still over $2,000 short of its $75,000 Kickstarter goal. Reddit users urged fans to donate. The 18 person team hosted a 6 hour stream of their new deck-building action game to push the project over the edge. Although this wasn’t the first time BetaDwarf had experienced the nerves of a Kickstarter campaign, the pressure was on nonetheless.

“We were very nervous. However, the final hours were more comforting with all the reassuring support we got during our streaming,” says Game Director Steffen Kabbelgaard in an exclusive Jump to Gamer interview, “I guess you never really get used to it.”

Finally, the campaign ended with $76,014, just passing the target on Thursday with 2,095 backers.

The Kickstarter page describes FORCED: Eternal Arenas as a combination between Diablo and Hearthstone. Players build decks suited to their style, as well as battle through arenas in more traditional action brawling gameplay. This combination of genres is certainly intriguing, and the Danish developers have a proven track record with the original FORCED on their resume.

Eternal Arenas is described as being “almost done”, with the Kickstarter serving to fund the final completion of the game.

“We want to use Kickstarter because we want to stay independent from publishers, and dependent on people who love the game,” reads the campaign page.

BetaDrawf has a unique history as a development team. Though they now operate at a small location in Copenhagen, Denmark, they began by working in a university classroom for 7 months until they were caught by staff. Struggling for a studio and funding for FORCED, the project finally became a success after their story went viral.

As for Eternal Arenas, development moves forward after Thursday’s success. The team confirmed that 1800 backers will receive Steam keys next week.

“We’re very much looking forward to their feedback and finalizing it with them,” says Kabbelgaard

FORCED: Eternal Arenas is on track for an early-2016 release on Steam.