Football Manager 2013 Illegally Downloaded by 10.1 million people

Sports Interactive revealed at the London Games Conference last night that Football Manager 2013 was illegally downloaded by 10.1 million people across the world.

Sports Interactive studio boss Miles Jacobson revealed that the game was cracked on May 12 this year, however a flaw allowed Sports Interactive to track the IP addresses of every person who downloaded and played the game illegally. China accounted for the most downloads with 3.2 million coming from the country. In second was Turkey with 1.05m followed by Portugal with 781,785 games. Italy also had a high number of downloads with 547,000, including one download within the Vatican!

Despite having such a high number of downloads, Jacobson is realistic about what it means regarding to sales, saying that to suggest that one download equals one sale lost “would be ridiculous to think.” However Jacobson believes that 1.74 per cent of illegal downloaders (around 176,000 copies) would have potentially purchased the game had no crack version been available, which in turn would have generated an additional $3.7m in revenue.

Unfortunately it’s a scenario which isn’t likely to change in the future. “Crackers are going to crack and people will download,” Jacobson explained, but he hopes that by publicly releasing the statistics it will raise awareness of the true state of illegal game downloading.


Source: *MCV