First Impressions - Broken Bots

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First Impressions – Broken Bots

If fun, action-packed, pixelated, micro-machines inspired type games are your forte, then look no further than Broken Bots by Bunnycopter.

I’ve been spending time playing around on the beta released by Bunnycopter of their upcoming multiplayer online shooter Broken Bots, and its been a rollercoaster of laughs and malfunctions.

Broken Bots is such a simple game, but it really works well and stands out from the crowd. With it’s incredible artwork to the catchy theme tunes, everything about the game works in tune. During the beta, you had several modes to choose from – such as team deathmatch and capture the flag. You were also able to create your own server for friends to play with you.

The beta also came with 3 different coloured bots to choose from – which also indicate which team you are a member of. You’re able to choose from 6 different bots which have different strengths and weaknesses, and choosing your weapon type and upgrades are all available before you start a match, which gives you complete control over what kind of bot you want to be. Whether you want to go full out with ammo or want to deck yourself out with armor, you can be assured that you’ll be fully catered for. During your time in Broken Bots – you’re able to use your weaknesses to your advantage – such as malfunctions. Malfunctions occur when you haven’t completed your objective successfully or you’ve been hit by enemies too many times. This can work in your favour or against you, you just have to find the perfect way to overcome your obstacles caused by the malfunction and beat your enemies.

The bot games last quite a while too, which gives you enough time to run about the vast map and get used to hiding places and the general layout – although there isn’t a map overview to see where you’re going or where on the map your enemies are. This is quite decent considering it makes the whole concept a lot more interesting, but a map addition is something you rely on in games such as this one.

While some of you may disagree with my thoughts on that, I find that having a layout to show where on the map you are is a lot better to communicate with your teammates, especially if you’re lost or stuck in an area. The map included in the beta is quite vast which means getting lost is incredibly easy. Controlling the bots seemed to be quite challenging too, but this is something that comes with time and practice. Picking up the control of the tanks is sometimes awkward for new starters such as myself, but in all, it’s incredibly fun and is something I highly suggest picking up on release.

The beta was also interesting in the marketing side of things. Bunnycopter have really pushed the boat out and partnered with 4 different indie companies to bring you prizes if you’re featured in the leaderboard – which is something that really stood out to me and others that have played Broken Bots alongside me. It made things a lot more competitive and I’m keen to see what they will bring to the table on release.

Broken Bots is an indie title for all you online shooter fans who used to play game such as Micro Machines and Tanks back in the older times. It brings all the nostalgia with a new age twist and you’ll find yourself sitting playing fun and fantastic multiplayer games with your friends for hours. It’s an indie title to watch out for in the future, as I feel it will be a big hit to the market.

Broken Bots is currently being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. You can contact Bunnycopter on their Twitter or follow their developer blog for more information on their intense game.

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