Firehose Games offering free desk space to recently laid off developers in Boston

Firehose Games is offering free office space in Boston to laid of developers who have decided to go down the indie route. There have been a number of layoffs in the Boston area and Firehose Games are keen to keep the talent in the area. With the announcement earlier this week that Irrational Games will be closing its doors, it has meant that there are a lot of developers from both Irrational Games and other now defunct studios without a job or place to work. Firehose Games will offer desk space and basic equipment for free and developers who are interested in taking them up on the offer need to email them along with their indie plans.

Speaking on the studios official website, Firehose Games said, “Most of the developers laid off are probably wondering “What am I going to do next?”, and some are considering going indie and releasing their own games. Meanwhile we’re in the process of setting up an indie game seed fund designed to support Boston area indie teams, though we’re not quite ready to start taking on applications for that yet as we’re still getting our ducks in a row.”

“However sometimes you need to strike while the iron is hot and we can’t sit by and watch all this potential development talent evaporate, especially considering our mission to help other indie devs. So we’re going to do what we can to help!”

Although most things in life never come for free, Firehose Games wanted to make it clear there is in fact the case and there is no catch. “There’s no catch, you don’t owe us anything. We’re doing this out of the goodness of our hearts, and also the fact that we have some open desk space anyway.”

It’s great to see a developer reaching out to those who have been laid off through no fault of their own and offering them a place to work on their next project. While the closure of studios is never a good thing, hopefully this will provide us with some quality indie games which may never have had a chance to fulfill their potential and become a reality.

If your a developer and interested in taking Firehose Games up on their offer, you can find more details and how to apply here.

Source: *Firehose Games