Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Preview

I have recently been watching my brother’s girlfriend re-play Final Fantasy X on the Playstation 2 and it has truly amped me up for the HD release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 on the Playstation 3. The hours I accumulated as a teenager with this game gathering every ultimate weapon, every Aeon, and intentionally maxing out my characters, has left me wondering – how much more of my life do you want to take from me Square-Enix?

The HD version for Final Fantasy X/X-2 is boasting new and improved master tracks and a massive transition from SD to HD graphics. The dialogue may be somewhat hard and strenuous to listen to still: Yuna has her awkward breath pauses; Wakka with his input of “yah” and randomly forced islander accent; Khimari always talking about people as if they are not there (I find it rude); and need I remind everyone of the horrible laughing scene that still has people asking, why? Still we have to agree gamers the story and cinematic sequences were epic enough for us to subside those character flaws. I mean, everyone has their idiosyncrasies…yah?

As much as people (even myself) despised how airy fairy the characters and story had become in Final Fantasy X-2, we can at least agree the job system was entertaining at least. There has not been much in the way of coverage for Final Fantasy X-2, but as it slowly trickles its way down the media ladder it will eventually find its way onto JumpToGamer.

I will leave you with some videos to showcase the new and improved version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD set to release in North America sometime this winter 2013/14.

Comparison Between SD and HD Version

Comparison Between Old Soundtrack and Master Soundtrack