Final Fantasy 8 Releases on Steam

Final Fantasy 8 Releases on Steam

Fourteen years after it’s original release on the PlayStation One, Final Fantasy 8 is now available to purchase on Steam for £9.99 / €12.99 / $11.99.

The highly successful role-playing game by Square Enix has been given a HD optimization for modern computers and includes new bonus content including Chocobo World, a mini game originally only available in Japan, and Magic Booster which increases the number of spells in the players inventory.

Fans of achievement hunting have also been rewarded in the new Steam release as the game now includes a full list of 45 achievements to be discovered.

However, before players flock to Steam to purchase this classic game, forums have reported a serious issue with a major aspect of the re-release: The music. While the graphics in Final Fantasy 8 has been optimised, the game still uses the original SGT audio files from the PlayStation One. In short, the music sounds clunky and computerised on modern PCs compared to the smooth,flowing soundtrack that featured on the console. This was also an issue with Final Fantasy 7 when it was released on Steam, but that has since been patched.

If you can live with the soundtrack issue then Final Fantasy 8 is being offered at a bargain price on Steam for the countless hours of gameplay and adventure featured in it. However, to get the full Final Fantasy 8 experience, it is recommended to wait another while longer for Steam to patch the music, or if not, seek out one of the many sound mods that the Steam community are currently working on.



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