FIFA 15 gets incredible visuals trailer

EA Sports has released an incredible visuals trailer for FIFA 15, showcasing the games visual improvements on next-gen consoles as well as PC. From the trailer stadiums look alive and realistic as do the players. Lots of new graphical and visual improvements have been made both to the players themselves and the pitch on which they play on.

The trailer shows the capabilities of the Ignite Engine with players looking the most realistic they have ever done thanks to a lighting overhaul which creates a much more natural environment, as well as new character models and animations thanks to the new rigging system. FIFA 15 will also have “living” pitches” which will suffer wear and tear throughout the game, with slide tackles and football boots leaving visible marks on the turf.

Player’s kits will also move realistically, changing with the environment. If it is raining, players kits will become visible soaked and will become muddy as the game is played. Goal posts will now shake when the frame of the goal is struck by the ball and if someone smashes a ball into the back of the net, the frame will also lift off the ground as it does in real life.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself, it is pretty impressive!


FIFA 15 launches on September 27 in the UK, with the visuals above being available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. FIFA 15 is also available on Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, Wii and PS Vita.


Source: *Press Release