Fallout 4 won’t be announced at VGX Awards

Despite heavy speculation that Bethesda will Announce Fallout 4 at tomorrow night’s VGX Awardds, it has now been confirmed that Bethesda will not be making an appearance. Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda PR and Marketing, tweeted last night that an announcement wasn’t immanent.

“No, folks. I am not going to VGX. Bethesda is not showing/talking about anything at VGX. Just some PR meetings in LA. Take deep breaths.”

Heavy rumours around the existence of Fallout 4 have been hugely boosted by the appearance of the thesurvivor2299.com website, which has a countdown clock pointing to December 11. It also features the Vault-tec Industries logo from previous Fallout games and the domain was registered by Zenimax, the developers of Fallout 3. Although Bethesda or Zenimax are yet to state what the website is all about, I’m sure all fans of the website will be anticipating December 11 hoping for an announcement. Whether that be Fallout 4 or another post-apocalyptic game is yet unknown.

In April, Bethesda announced that they had ceased development on Skyrim content so that they could move onto their next major project. which many believe to be Fallout 4. Even without Fallout 4 making an appearance, the VGX Awards should still be full of great announcements and new gameplay footage, with new footage promised for Ubisoft’s new game “The Division” as well as “Quantum Break”.


Source: *Twitter