Fallout 4 Sells Big


Fallout 4 has already become a huge success for developer and publisher Bethesda with the company announcing today that the game has shipped 12 million copies launch day alone. The great dales numbers stand as a testament to how strong the Fallout brand has become over the years since the game had some fierce competition in the likes of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 also releasing around the same time.

Bethesda also announced that the ultra limited Pip-Boy edition became the “fastest selling collector’s edition for any game in history”.

“Following the release, Bethesda was advised that launch day sales at some of the leading retail chains were the largest of any game released this year,” added the company. “Bethesda is now shipping more Fallout 4 units to retailers to meet market demand”

It’s also worth mentioning that on the steam platform for PC’s, Fallout 4 smashed the record previously held by Grand Theft Auto V for being the top played game at launch with 470,000 players spending time in Fallout 4’s nuclear wasteland.

With Fallout topping Skyrim which had sold 7 million copies within 2 days there is no telling what Bethesda may accomplish next.





Source: Gamespot