Fallout 4 leaked documents reveal Massachusetts setting

Over a year after Bethesda was reportedly scouting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston for the next Fallout game, Kotaku has acquired Fallout 4 leaked documents that confirm not only that the game exists but that it is set in Massachusetts.

The documents themselves are the game’s voice acting casting call for a project code-named Institute, although the contents make it clear that it concerns the next Fallout game. The famous line “War. War never changes.” makes an appearance as well as a reference to the Commonwealth Minutemen, the post-apocalyptic name for the Massachusetts area.

Details on what is possibly the introduction to the game show that the player character narrates the opening rather than the disembodied voice of Ron Pearlman, who has voiced the openings to every other Fallout. This raises questions as to whether the player character will be voiced throughout the whole game Mass Effect style or if they are restricted to speaking only in the introduction.

The full details on the documents can be read at Kotaku.

Source: Kotaku, IGN