Fallout 4 Announcement Coming 11th December?

Get hyped everybody, Fallout 4 could be coming to us very, very soon. Well, maybe…

The website ‘thesurvivor2299.com’ has appeared, showing a countdown for something to happen or be announced in 24 days, the timeline is of course situated just above the very familiar Vault-tec Industries logo from previous Fallout games. If that weren’t enough to excite you, the website domain was registered by Zenimax, the very developer responsible for developing Fallout 3, arguably one of the best games of the last generation.

After deciphering the morse code, we can confirm that the sound looping in the background translates into the date, 12.11.13. As Zenimax is based in the US, this gives us the 11th December 2013 as the likely date for the Fallout announcement.

Although this announcement may not be for Fallout 4 as we all hope, this we certainly be something related to the franchise, whether it be another ‘New Vegas’ style spin-off or a long awaited Fallout MMO. Nevertheless, this is certain to be something to keep an eye out for, so keep your eyes here come December 11th.