Fable Legends for Xbox One announced!

Microsoft and Lionhead Studios have announced Fable Legends for Xbox One at its Gamescom showcase in Cologne.

Although it’s not Fable 4, it is a fully-fledged entry in the series. The game was announced by director David Eckelberry, Set during Albion’s age of heroes, 400 years before the events of the first Fable title, it casts you as one of a number of different heroes - and your friends as three more.

It’s designed for four-player co-op. Each hero has different skills and abilities each with strengths and weaknesses. You might think that’s pretty main stream, and you would be right, but then there’s one player who is the villain! The Villain has a different view as everyone else, their camera view is top-down. This is so they can ambush, trap and place enemies in order to defeat the four heroes.

Fable Legends makes full use of the cloud capabilities on the Xbox one. As a result it will only be playable online. There was no release Date/Year given, but it’s definitely not a launch game.