Fable Anniversary Release Date and Day-One DLC Revealed

Lionhead Studios’ HD Fable remake, Fable Anniversary, is scheduled to release in North America on the 4th of February,  Asia on the 6th of February and Europe on the 7th of February.

Although the vastly improved visuals are the main attraction for Fable fans looking to jump back into the land of Albion, Lionhead is also enticing players by including free day-one DLC with the initial print run of the game. The largely cosmetic Launch Day Weapons and Outfits pack, as it is called, will give players access to the following in-game items:

  • Scythe’s Outfit
  • Black Graduate’s Outfit
  • Red Prophet Outfit
  • Blue Guard Outfit
  • Red Guard Outfit
  • Lute Weapon
  • Will User’s Scepter Weapon

There’s also a rather useless Avatar item for everyone to ignore.