The Elder Scrolls Online development rumoured to cost $200 million

The upcoming MMORPG by Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online, is rumoured to have cost around $200 million in development costs according to a tweet by Superannuation. The tweet, “Happy 2014. Elder Scrolls Online apparently has a price tag of $200 million”, has since been deleted without explanation, however the source is known as being reliable when it has come to other rumours.

Although it’s impossible to say if this is true or not without Bethesda’s confirmation, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the development of the title was around the $200 million mark. Development of a modern MMO is not cheap, add to that the fact that Bethesda and ZeniMax are working on bringing Elder Scrolls Online to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, being one of the first MMOs of its kind to come to next-gen. When the game was announced in May 2012, it was revealed that it had already been in development for five years. That’s five years of development costs and wages for staff, meaning that this figure may not be that far from reality.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due to release 4th of April 2014 on PC and Mac and will require a monthly subscription. Xbox One and PS4 versions will be coming at some point in June 2014.