EA Next-Gen Plans - One to Two New IPs a Year

The Past Of EA And Their Mistake.

Its been confirmed a long time ago by many studios that EA will have its downfall soon, because every good publisher that has actually given originality and was able to make quality games is getting the boot by EA. Maxis, creators of The Sims 1 + 2, and Spore, EALA, Creators of Command And Conquer, Tiburon, creators of the Madden Series, Pandemic Studios, The people who brought us The Saboteur and The Mercenaries 2. Pandemic Studios use to be my favorite game publishers because of the awesome open world games they created.

As with their Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed, and Battlefield franchises coming to PS4 an Xbox One just this year, EA is investing heavily in the next generation of consoles. When it comes to next year and beyond, Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels, told CVG that “we’ve now got half a dozen [original IPs] in development.” Really EA? so tell me who are the publishers or developers for these Original IPs? Ubisoft I Assume? Because in my eyes Ubisoft could be WAY better off without EA.

Games like Madden, and FIFA will always sell because their sports game, but people are beginning to realize that’s it just copy and paste for them. New Rosters,New Features, but same old graphics and gameplay.

Also other good franchises produced by EA were Mirrors Edge And Star Wars, when Gibeau had this to say,

“We’ve announced a couple of them, [Mirrors Edge 2] and [Star Wars: Battlefront], but we’ve also added some as well,” which would be the new Star Wars games that will come following the deal with Disney. I fear for the upcoming Stars Wars: Battlefront game, now that star wars is owned by Disney. Hopefully they don’t destroy one of the biggest multiplayer game on the PS2 and the original Xbox. Although I personally never played Mirrors Edge it seems to be pretty hyped up when shown at E3 2013.

Frank then added:

We’re going to try and announce the new projects in the next couple of years. So in years two to three in the next-gen cycle, the plan is each year you’ll see one to two new IP from us coming out.

If EA does deliver on 1 – 2 new IPs each year, how many games in total do you think we’ll see from them every 12 months? Are they just trying to suck up for their lack of production. Or say that everything they have done to this point was for the benefit of EA? It will be interesting to see how EA stacks up to other big name publishers and developers when it essential to make a impact on the start of a new generation of gaming.

But, according to many developer articles, they are saying that developing games for “Next” Generation Consoles is a lot faster than dealing with the PS3’s Cell Broadband Processor,

So what do you think? Is EA a company with little passion or are they ready to put critics down and finally show something of value and play ability?