EA Press Conference Review

EA’s press conference is always similar to the past years conferences. They have shown off some great games, like Need for Speed Rivals which looked great with fantastic graphics. They debuted Dragon Age: Inquisition which pleased a lot of the fans. DICE showed the long awaited game, Star Wars Battle Front which excited many gamers and was probably the best game they showed off. One of their best announcements was the return of Mirror’s Edge 2 which surprised a lot of people, including myself.

The worst announcement EA broadcasted was the new Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare by Peggle. The regular Plants vs. Zombies is supposed to be a 2D strategy game. They showed us a 3D combat shooter that looked like they were playing in Call of Duty, but with plants, and cartoonish zombies. We don’t need another first person shooter their are already too many of those. I don’t know who will buy the game because kids are now into actual shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty. They will not want to waste time on this silly game. Although the game is always funny and silly with cool characters. They also made a nice touch with the Disco Zombie!




There was also the usual EA sports announcements for Fifa, Madden, and the WW14 wrestling games. Another surprise was Drake who came to introduce some games, which was cool but not necessary. Although the EA conference is always good, and never bad, they did a pretty good job with the games, except for the time spent for Garden Warfare and the EA sports games they always have. All and all it was a good EA press conference.