Driveclub not arriving until June?

According to a post on the Italian Official PlayStation Magazine Facebook page, developer Evolution’s Driveclub may not be released until June, almost eight months after it was originally delayed. Due to launch alongside the PlayStation 4, Sony delayed Driveclub as the team “required more time in order to deliver on their vision”. A spring release date was thought to be the most likely period for Sony to release Driveclub, however if this rumour is to be believed, we could be looking at a summer release instead.

The post on the Facebook roughly translates in English to “We like the ‘hunch’ that # Driveclub will arrive in June, but you do not tell anyone…”

Sony has yet to reveal any information regarding when we are likely to see Driveclub on PlayStation 4, however last week they stated they would be announcing a release date very shortly. Whether or not this rumour is true is yet to be seen, but we wouldn’t be surprised by a summer release.

Have you pre-ordered Driveclub? If so how do you feel about a potential June release? Let us know!


Source: *Facebook


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