Drakengard 3 Digital Only With Collector’s Edition

Square Enix’s next release brings a never-seen before concept, a digital game with a physical collector’s edition.

Drakengard 3, a prequel to Drakengard, will only ship out 2,000 units for its collector’s edition, which includes a vast amount of exclusive goodies available to PlayStation 3 players.

Drakengard 3 sets players in a medieval world where one of six sisters, named Zero, known as “Intoners” has gone rogue and players battle to unravel Zero’s intentions as to why she murdered the others with the aid of her dragon companion. Players will haul their way with hack-and-slash combat to stop Zero at all costs, mowing down baddies along the way.

The collector’s edition includes the digital game code, a CD, a double-sided poster, and four DLC items encased in clamshell packaging. Square Enix America is said to be producing a similar collector’s edition for players in the U.S.

Larry Sparks, vice president of marketing at Square Enix Europe, said fan demand made this collector’s edition possible.

“The Collector’s Edition has been produced in response to fans’ requests for it to be made available across PAL territories,” comments Sparks. “We always listen to our audience and investigate what can be done. The new methods of digital publishing allow us to deliver games directly to fans and for Drakengard 3 - it means we can offer a core fan base something they requested - the opportunity to own the game in a boutique physical Collector’s Edition.”

Players can pre-order the collector’s edition from Square Enix’s Europe store for €69.99 or $96.54 and can pre-order the standard edition from the PSN store for €49.99 or $68.95. The game is set to release May 21.

Sources: Gamespress.com/Square Enix EU