Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition Announced

It’s official, Drakengard 3 was announced for localization earlier this year and now has concrete dates for the Western releases.
The PlayStation Blog revealed that the game is coming to North America on May 20 and Europe on May 21st.
While North America gets the Collector’s Edition and standard physical version, available only through the Square Enix Store, Europe is simply limited to the Digital version.

The North American version has different pre-order bonuses depending on when you order; the sooner you order, the more extra stuff you can get.

  • Pre-order Drakengard 3 before March 4th, or if you already have, you’ll be locked in for three bonus items — all at no extra charge. The first item is the original Japanese voiceovers as DLC, the other two bonuses are to be revealed at a later date
  • Pre-ordering the game from March 4th-April 8th gains you the two secret bonuses and from April 9th onward gets you the last secret bonus only.

The Collector’s Edition (seen below) includes every pre-order bonus and the items pictured:

  • The Complete Novella
  • Original Japanese Box Art
  • Premium Packaging
  • Complete Prequel Novella
  • A Collection of Short Stories written from the perspectives of each character
  • A Soundtrack Sampler of songs composed by Keiichi Okabe
  • Full DLC stages featuring Zero’s sister One as a playable character
  • Protagonist of Drakgendard 1: Caim Costume DLC which decreases stamina consumption by half
  • Giant Baby Hat DLC for your dragon

There are only 5,000 Collector’s Editions being produced and they all include every pre-order bonus and are priced at $80.