Dragon Age Inquisition Pax Demo and Impressions

The demo that was shown at Pax of Dragon age Inquisition by BioWare has popped up on YouTube, and like many people who weren t at Pax, this was my first opportunity to view the video. The game seems to be moving away from the turn based style that was in the previous games and more to the real time combat of the Witcher. The choice mechanism appears to have been tweaked quite significantly as choices now exist outside of the conversations as well. One of the examples shown was choosing to let a village get eradicated by standing by or rushing into help save the village, which will decide if the village is available to you later down the road. Until the game is released it will be unclear as to how extensive this will actually be.

There are some choices to be made in combat as shown by the video. My favorites being the destructible bridge which caused archers located on top to fall to their death, as well as deciding how best to take a fortress. You could climb the walls, sneak in through a cave system, or you could just knock down the door and kill everything that moves. The combat as previously mentioned has moved to be more like Witcher, but the pause time ability is still there and the Mages have been tweaked so their abilities now interact more with the world around them. Apart from the the obvious changes in lighting and sound as well as the futility of the animation during fights, the characters now also trudge through the mud or adjust themselves when walking up or down hills. It is important to note that this is still in pre-alpha and the features are subject to change or removal.

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