DOTA 2 ‘International’ championship to be streamed on ESPN

Valve has announced that their $10 million tournament will be broadcasted on ‘ESPN’ over the next few days. The tournament, which boasts the biggest prize pool ever in eSports, will take place over the 18th to the 21st of and will be streamed on ESPN 2 and ESPN 3 - the winners will receive a prize of just under $5 million and 2nd place just under $2 million.

Erik Johnson of Valve said: “From the success of the Compendium to the collaboration with ESPN, this year’s International really demonstrates how much competitive gaming has grown to rival traditional sports. We believe the teams have also pushed to a new level of play this year and will further demonstrate the incredible advances made across this tournament since it first began three short years ago.”

The first International had a prize pool of $1.6 million and thanks to Valve’s compendium purchases this has continued to swell each year. Some of the teams that will be taking part in the main even include Na’vi who was the first International winners, Newbee, Evil Geniuses and Cloud 9.

You can catch the action right now on ESPN or on the channel

Source: Valve