Doom Monster Gets Cutesified

Remember the good old days of shooting up hellish monsters on Mars in the shoes of appropriately named “Doomguy”? The Doom series became famous as a milestone for the FPS game genre, and of course giving many players around the world recurrent nightmares.

Now Bethesda, who helped bring the classic series to the Xbox Arcade, has just released possibly-somewhat-cute plush versions of the Cacodemon and Pain Elemental monsters from the games.They’re both 7 inches tall, perfect for cuddling with or hiding under someone’s bed.

Fans of the franchise who want a Doom Monster for themselves and/or to scare others with can pick them up on the Bethesda Store for $15/each, a decent price for adorable horror game swag. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s actually the perfect timing.