Don Mattrick Leaving Microsoft?

Don Mattrick, who is President of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft and was at the center of the Xbox One Reveal in May is rumored to be leaving his position with Microsoft following reports from AllThingsD. Allegedly, he is leaving his post at Microsoft in favor of joining Zynga, the creators behind popular facebook games FarmVille an CityVille respectively. If he does complete the switch, it is believed it will be for a high ranking position with Zynga, most probably as CEO.

Following the Xbox One Reveal, it was Don Mattrick who controversially stated that if you wanted to play offline, then you should stick with the 360. Of course he wasn’t going to say make the switch to the PS4, but it was an obvious concern as Microsoft have since backtracked on their original policies in favor of allowing gamers total control over both their games and online connectivity.

It is unclear the exact reasons why the head of Xbox would make the switch to Zynga after playing such a predominant role by being the face of the Xbox One project. Zynga have been hit by a number of problems, however they may feel Mattrick is the man to get them back on track as he has had previous experience turning around companies. Don Mattrick’s resignation from Microsoft could be confirmed by later today.

Update: It has been confirmed that Don Mattrick has indeed left Microsoft to become SEO for Zynga!