DICE Investigating Battlefield 4 Server Crashes and Corrupt Saves

Dice are investigating issues relating to Battlefield 4 after many players have reported server crashes and have had their saves corrupted. These issues have affected players on various platforms during the first weekend of it’s launch.

In an update on Battleog, Dice stated the following:

“Players have reported losing their progress in multiplayer, This is probably related to crashes stopping the game reports from being sent to Battlelog. We are still investigating this issue in more detail. Note that your progress sometimes can seem to be reset during server maintenance windows. In these cases, your stats will be just fine and reappear later.”

“We would like to thank all players who have been reporting their issues to us, your feedback is invaluable when making sure we can deliver the Battlefield 4 experience you all deserve. In true DICE fashion, we will keep supporting Battlefield 4 for a long time, and we appreciate your feedback and patience as we work these issues out.”

Dice have already released several server-side updates which have been reported to have fixed several of the issues players were experiencing relating to server queues, server crashes, missions and reloading.

Have you experienced any of these issues on Battlefield 4?