Destiny’s end-game might require co-op

by on December 16, 2013

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Bungie’s Jason Jones revealed that although the developer’s highly anticipated shooter Destiny can be played solo, some sections of the game may be impossible without back-up from fellow players.

“You absolutely are going to be able to play Destiny by yourself and have the same kind of fun shooter-experience that you could have in a single-player campaign, which is a word that we’ve weeded out of our vocabulary, but we’re going to give you this great player-progression on top of that, and we’re going to give you as many opportunities as we possibly can to expose you to other people” Jones said

“Some of the most intense non-competitive activities in the game do require cooperation. They require a group of players to tackle at once. I guess at some variable, distant endpoint we are going to say, ‘Yeah, if you show up at this door, and you don’t have five friends, you’re not going to be able to succeed”


Jones goes on to say “The core experience that solo players have enjoyed in shooters, they’re going to be able to get that, and we’re going to pull many of them into social experiences as well.” but Destiny is clearly a game designed for multiplayer.

Although this makes sense in a game that requires players to always be online regardless of whether they plan to participate in multiplayer or not, such a feature may concern some people otherwise excited for Destiny.

The Destiny beta due to become available to the public early next year on PS3. PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One should give all of us a better idea on how well the integrated multiplayer will turn out by the time the game comes out on September 9 2014.

Source: Game Informer, OXMUK