Democracy 3 Social Engineering DLC now available

Democracy 3 Social Engineering DLC has been released and is now available to purchase on Steam for £3.99. The DLC for Democracy 3 adds new dilemmas and policies to the game allowing you to exert subtle changes upon your country. A total of 26 completely new policies and 8 new dilemmas are available, including  the option to run TV ad campaigns to promote healthy eating  for example to free parenting classes, city farms and a smart-meter program.

New Dilemmas: 

  • Airport transport links
  • Banknote face
  • Prevent Doctors being bribed
  • Arrest/Employ Hackers
  • Attend Labor Day
  • Raunchy Popstar
  • Powerline construction
  • Allow singles to adopt

New Policies: 

  • Healthy Eating Campaign
  • Cycling Campaign
  • Car-Pooling campaign
  • Keep The Country Tidy campaign
  • Tourism ad campaign
  • Alcohol awareness campaign
  • Business Startup campaign
  • Youth politics council
  • National armed forces week
  • Free Parenting classes
  • National business council
  • Social Justice foundation
  • Smart Meter program
  • Needle Exchange program
  • Stamp out racism week
  • Compulsory food labeling
  • Trade council
  • Compulsory foreign language classes
  • Labor day bank holiday
  • City farms
  • Eco-home regulations.
  • Young entrepreneur scheme
  • Diplomatic service
  • Witness protection program
  • Compulsory school sports
  • Bicycle subsidies


If your unsure if Democracy 3 is for you, check out our Democracy 3 review! Democracy 3 is also currently 50% off on Steam.